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Touchpad MouseA touchpad can be operated with fingers or thumb, allowing the cursor to be moved over the screen and mouse-clicks to be made. Used alongside a regular or ergonomic mouse, a Touchpad can reduce one-sided strain. Research shows that a separate touchpad allows more freedom of movement than an integrated touchpad.
ProTouch ergonomic mouseProTouch ergonomic mouse
147,99 excl. VAT 147,99 incl. VAT300.1782 in stock
The ProTouch ergonomic mouse combines the latest multi touch technology and user-friendly buttons. The large touchpads enables easy use of the cursor. ProTouch is developed for Microsoft Windows 7 and older OS and with this you can utilize all functions that these OS support.
ProTouch EF ergonomic mouse
ProTouch EF ergonomic mouse
147,99 excl. VAT 147,99 incl. VAT300.1795+ in stock
The ProTouch ™ EF has an extended functionality and is fully compatible with so-called "swipe functions". To have complete access to the extended functionality, the mouse has to be connect to a computer running on Windows 10.