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DeskbikesDeskbikes are the office version of an exercise bike. Using a deskbike keeps you moving while you're working at your desk.

Why choose a deskbike?

Even if you use a height adjustable desk, this only allows you to adopt a different posture - it does not lead to you keeping moving while working. A lot of sitting not only has a negative effect on the body, but such inactivity can eventually lead to health problems. Yet in many workplaces, it's not practical for workers to move around. A deskbike offers a solution. Not only does the body get the necessary movement, but in this way the muscles also get exercised and strengthened.

Using a deskbike in combination with a height adjustable desk allows you to work dynamically. It's easy to switch between sitting, standing and cycling. By keeping moving, you reduce risks to your health, and, in addition, you can concentrate better, perform better and you feel less tired. Perhaps cycling while doing your office work may take a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but you will quickly become accustomed to it. Various studies show that everyone can both cycle and work without difficulty.

Assortment of deskbikes

The deskbikes come in a number of different models, such as the .
Tunturi Cardio Fit D10 DeskbikeTunturi Cardio Fit D10 Deskbike
155,50 excl. VAT 155,50 incl. VAT160.1293 in stock
  • Suitable for all body sizes
  • Unique flat model for use under a desk
  • Monitor records distance, time and calories
  • Manual resistance for each training level
  • Easy to store
  • Dimensions: L 62 x W 48 x H 26 cm
Tunturi Cardio Fit D20 DeskbikeTunturi Cardio Fit D20 Deskbike
168,00 excl. VAT 168,00 incl. VAT160.1285+ in stock
  • Suitable for height: 155 - 185 cm
  • Maximum load: 110 kg
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Dimensions: L 96 x W 46 x H 114 cm
  • Handles for extra grip
  • Silent model
  • Foldable
Deskbike blackDeskbike black
287,90 excl. VAT 287,90 incl. VAT160.09110+ in stock
  • Suitable for persons of height: 165 - 185 cm
  • Minimum height of desk: 105 cm
  • Resistance: continuously adjustable
  • Flywheel: yes
  • Runs almost silently
Includes free Deskbike app.
Deskbike Flex
Deskbike Flex
453,50 excl. VAT 453,50 incl. VAT160.1121 in stock
  • Suitable for people of height between: 155 - 195 cm
  • Minimum desk height: 95 cm
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • No installation necessary
  • With flywheel and adjustable pedal resistance
  • LCD screen shows time, speed, distance,and calories used
  • Wheels with brakes make it easy to move
Deskbike Deluxe with backrest
Deskbike Deluxe with backrest
390,37 excl. VAT 390,37 incl. VAT160.154Not in stock
  • With backrest
  • Minimum desk height: 80 cm
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Resistance adjustable: yes, rotary knob
  • Adjustable and sliding seat cushion