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Stand-Mats & Balance Boards Recent research shows that prolonged inactivity is bad for health and can also have a negative impact on productivity. More and more companies are therefore going over to a combination of seated and standing work by using Height adjustable desks. In Scandinavia, more than 70% of workplaces are already equipped with height-adjustable desks.

But there's also a risk when working standing up that the body remains too static, because it's still barely moving. That's why we sell useful tools for standing work such as a balance board and a standmat, perfect complements to the height-adjustable desks. A balance board or standmat allows you to adopt a dynamic posture so that you are even more ergonomic when working while standing.

If you are constantly in motion or balancing your body while standing, the muscles in the feet and legs are in use, as are also those in the back. A variety of muscles are in use to keep the body constantly balanced. In the long term, this leads to less fatigue.

Assortment of balance boards and anti-fatigue mats

With a balance board, like the Steppie Balance Board, you can actively work standing, so that the body is constantly kept in balance. The user must constantly use their leg muscles to remain balanced.

A Standmat in contrast, focuses on the feet. Prolonged rest on a hard surface can cause discomfort in the legs and fatigue. Using an anti-fatigue mat reduces fatigue and allows for better comfort while standing, thus benefiting productivity in the workplace. Many of these anti-fatigue mats such as the are made of a soft, supporting material, making you unwittingly keep moving and use the muscles in your foot and ankle.

Have a look at our range of anti-fatigue mats and balance boards. There are several models available that fit in virtually any environment. Whether you're in a rural building or a sleek, modern office, you'll find a suitable design to fit your requirements.
E2W Anti-fatigue Mat
Special offer
E2W Anti-fatigue Mat
117,00 excl. VAT 105,00 excl. VAT 105,00 incl. VAT800.032Not in stock
The use of the E2W Anti-fatigue Mat reduces fatigue and provides more comfort,which improves productivity in the workplace. The mat is soft and comfortable which leads to unconscious movements of the muscles in the feet and ankles.
Steppie Balance BoardSteppie Balance Board
180,50 excl. VAT 180,50 incl. VAT800.0212 in stock
The Steppie Balance Board is specifically designed for use with a height-adjustable desk. The design ensures that the user remains in motion, because they must constantly keep their body balanced. The advantage compared to similar products is that the feet are always located in a neutral position, and thus are not strained.
Standmat BoostStandmat Boost
125,00 excl. VAT 125,00 incl. VAT800.0315+ in stock
Thanks to its 254 activity studs, the Standmat Boost provides optimal comfort while standing. You can use this anti-fatigue mat with or without shoes.
Togu Balanza FreerideTogu Balanza Freeride
193,50 excl. VAT 193,50 incl. VAT160.0411 in stock
The Togu Balanza Freeride balance board is a special accessory for the workplace. It is rather like a skateboard and the user is able to balance on it in that manner. The board is suitable for anyone who wants to exercise their muscles and coordination efficiently and in a varied way.
Togu Balanza BallstepTogu Balanza Ballstep
219,75 excl. VAT 219,75 incl. VAT160.042Not in stock
The Togu Balanza Ballstep provides more stability and vitality. The four air-filled balls under this balance board allow the user to exercise their muscles. Because the user must constantly keep in balance, the leg muscles get exercised and also balance and body coordination are improved.