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Hippus HandshoeMouseThe Hippus HandShoeMouse fits like a glove. It is used for ergonomic reasons, as the muscles in your hand aren't under any strain while using this mouse. The Hippus mouse combines design with a user friendly function. The Hippus mouse design originates from the Erasmus University, and was further developed in cooperation with TNO.

The Hippus is available in different colours. It comes in two kinds, one for a left-handed person as well as one suitable for a right-handed person. This product is available in wired and wireless versions.

If you want to know what size is best for you, do the following:

Stretch out your hand and measure the distance from the wrist (the cross-over between hand and arm) up to the tip of the ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size.

Small : up to 170 mm
Medium : 171 mm - 190 mm
Large : 191 mm - 210 mm
Hippus HandshoeMouse Right-handedHippus HandshoeMouse Right-handed
from 142,00 excl. VAT 142,00 incl. VATShowMGD8
This right-handed Hippus is availaible in the sizes: Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small.
Hippus HandShoeMouse Left-handedHippus HandShoeMouse Left-handed
from 142,00 excl. VAT 142,00 incl. VATShowMGD9
This left-handed Hippus is available in sizes: Large, Medium and Small. The left-handed Hippus is available in black, BlueRay Track (BRT) and in a wireless version.