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Height adjustable desksErgo2Work introduces with the ErgoDesk a modular, patented system for height adjustable desks. These height adjustable desks allow you to either stand or sit at the desk. Depending on the model, the desks are adjusted either electrically or manually. They meet all the quality and ergonomic requirements you'll ask of a desk, and for the right price!

Complete height adjustable desk systemsComplete height adjustable desk systems
from 291,00 excl. VAT 291,00 incl. VATShowMG1A2
Here you will find our selection of height adjustable desk systems.
Table framesTable frames
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Here you will find our wide selection of height adjustable ErgoDesk table frames.
Height-adjustable Desk WorkstationsHeight-adjustable Desk Workstations
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Flexible desk workstations are a simple alternative to complete height-adjustable desks. The workstations can be placed on an existing desk and can easily be raised or lowered to the desired height. They have a place for a laptop or monitor and often for a keyboard.
Balance-boards and StandmatsBalance-boards and Standmats
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For exercising your foot and leg muscles while working at a height-adjustable desk, we have a range of balance-boards and standmats. These products ensure a dynamic posture when standing, which is ergonomically advantageous.
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Using a deskbike in combination with a height adjustable desk allows you to work dynamically. It's easy to switch between sitting, standing and cycling. By keeping moving, you reduce risks to your health, and, in addition, you can concentrate better, perform better and you feel less tired.