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Working from home because of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If you work from home on your laptop, but do not want to have neck and shoulder complaints after an hour:

With this ergonomic home work starter set you can start working ergonomically right away and you will get more than 15% discount.

This homework laptop set consists of the following products: With these products your laptop will be at the right height in no time, you will work ergonomically and follow the Arbo guidelines.

If you want to place your laptop workplace in the correct position, follow the following guidelines:
  • Place the laptop directly in front of you in the laptop stand
  • Keep the top edge of the display at eye level
  • The screen must be placed at an arm's length (extended arm)
  • You sit upright with your shoulders and arms relaxed
The laptop stand in the set is suitable for screens from 10 "to 17", and both the mouse and the compact keyboard are suitable for Windows and Mac users. This way the set is suitable for the most common laptops.

This set is also easy to carry in your laptop bag, so flexible working is very easy.

Please contact us if you:
  • Would like to order multiple sets and would like to receive an extra discount
  • Work with a lot of documents, we can then offer a customized set
  • Work with a fixed computer but also want to work ergonomically and without complaints
  • Want more advice on correct working posture