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The R-Go Break mouse is based on the well-known design of the HE Mouse. There is, however, a convenient ergonomic addition: inbuilt software that indicates if a break is necessary.

With this special software, the mouse measures the duration and intensity of use. If the mouse is used for too long without a break, the LED light will first turn orange, and then red. This means that you can monitor and adjust your mouse usage at a glance. This is an easily accessible way of seeing the stress on your mouse-arm during work, and seeing whether it's excessive. Even short breaks will help to alleviate the stress and give the muscles and tendons in the hand and forearm time to recuperate. Movement during the break also stimulates blood circulation.

Apart from this active feedback, the vertical position of the mouse ensures a passive improvement of the posture. The joints in the forearm are not twisted unnecessarily, which also benefits the muscles.
  • Colour: black/silver
  • 4 buttons and a scrollwheel
  • Resolution: adjustable 500-1000-1800-2500 dpi
  • Weight: 134 grams
  • Height: 76 mm
  • Width: 83 mm
  • Depth: 105 mm
  • Suitable for hands: 175-185 mm, measured from the wrist to the top of the middle-finger
  • USB-connection
  • Cable length: 160 cm
  • Compatible with: Windows XP and later, Mac OS X and later
  • Warranty: 24 months

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