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The patented design of the Evoluent mouse ensures an ergonomic hand-posture. The ergonomic mouse supports your hand in a fully upright neutral handshake position. This avoids forearm twisting for comfort and an ergonomic work position.

The Evoluent mouse is quite similar to a traditional mouse so it has a short habituation time. This is the basic version of the Evoluent Vertical mouse. It has 2 buttons, a scroll wheel and a fixed DPI setting.

Evoluent Standard

  • Colour: black/silver
  • 2 buttons, scroll wheel and set DPI configuration
  • Optical sensor
  • Resolution: 1200 dpi
  • Weight: 158 gr
  • Height: 80 mm
  • Width: 113 mm
  • Depth: 78 mm
  • Plug and Play USB connection
  • Cable length: 2,15 m
  • Supported systems: Windows XP and higher, Mac OS X 10.5 and higer
  • Warranty: 12 months

Also available:
Right-handed: Evoluent3 right-handed and Evoluent4 right-handed
Left-handed: Evoluent4 left-handed
For the smaller hand: Evoluent4 small right-handed
Wireless: Evoluent4 right-handed wireless