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The ergonomic Newtral 3 mouse has a vertical position of 33 degrees, but also several removable wrist supports with gel padding. These are magnetically attached and offer that extra bit of felxibility. The ergonomic aspect is emphasized again, as each user has different needs in terms of supporting the hand. The mouse helps primarily with discomfort in the wrist and forearm, but also in the neck and shoulder area.

Due to its special shape with a slope of 33 degrees, the mouse relieves the muscles in the wrist and forearm. You click relaxed and there is no tension between your thumb and little finger. Especially users who work with a mouse very often and for a long time notice the advantages of this mouse. Users with and without discomfort find it convenient to work with aswell. In addition, the Newtral mouse is very well combinable with one of our .

The efficacy of this mouse has been scientifically demonstrated by EMG tests measuring arm muscle tension during use of this mouse compared to conventional mice.

This is the size medium, which is suitable for hand lengths up to 190mm (measured from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger with outstretched hand).
Color: Black
     6 buttons, a scroll wheel and DPI setting
     Trigger: 750 - 1000 - 1500 - 3000 DPI
     Height: 54 mm
     Width: 84 mm
     Depth: 158 mm
     Connection: USB, Plug & Play
     Cable length: 2 meters
     Color: Black
     Suitable for: Windows XP and later, Mac OS 9 and later
     Warranty: 12 months